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SATILDI...ŞOK FİYAT!!!! Long Range FPV168 Airplane Sadece 100$

Detaylı bilgi ve satın alma işlemi için lütfen irtibata geçiniz. (Aynı gün kargo!!)
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Featuring a full fiberglass fuselage with built up ply and balsa construction, the HobbyKing® ™ FPV / UAV is set to raise the bar in FPV flight performance. The large motor mount area allows for a variety of motor sizes depending on your application. A slick fiberglass finish provides superior aerodynamics to foam planes while the rigid airframe offers a greater level of flight performance. The clear canopy is perfectly suited to FPV cameras or can be removed or modified with ease for a custom setup. The Fuselage boasts ample space for FPV equipment allowing a variety of custom setups and the flaps will ensure low speed landings with heavier payloads.
You will require a 35 to 42 size burshless outrunner, 5 x 9g servos (one for each control surface and one for the steerable nose wheel), a 40 to 60Amp ESC, 3s to 4s 2200mah~4400mah Lipo battery and your own transmitter and receiver (Tx/Rx). All the general hard ware (Push rods, screws, landing gear etc) are included to get this kit underway.
Some modeling experience will be required to complete this kit, However the finished product will be of a high quality with superior flight characteristics to foam and will last a life time.
• Purpose Built FPV/Aerial Camera Platform
• Excellent Flight Characteristics & Stability at All Speeds
• Durable Glassfiber Fuselage & Fully Sheeted Built Up Wing
• 3pc Wing for Easy Transportation & Field Assembly
• Robust Trike U/C with Steerable Nosewheel
• Comprehensive Hardware Kit Included
Specs: Wing Span: 1660mm Fuselage: 1190mm Motor Mount Diameter: 58mm Distance From Center of Mount to Fuse: 114mm (max prop diameter 8"] Dry Weight: 1300g 5 Channel (throttle, aileron, elevator, rudder/steering, flaps)
Your Own TX/RX Motor: 35 to 42 series Outrunner ESC: 40a to 60A Servo: 5 x 9g Battery: 3s to 4s 2200mah~4400mah
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